June 2, 2023

Fill-In Issue

As I mentioned last time, I’d planned to spend this week’s ranty blog post sharing some of my assorted thoughts and scant wisdom on writing. In the bigger, lifestyle, career sense. I don’t do it often, but when I do I like to tell myself it’s clever and worthwhile.

Alas, the end of May went like… well, the rest of May had. Teeth-grinding and stressful to the end. I’d been working on said post of accumulated wisdom, but it just didn’t hit a point where I felt it was quite clear enough. Not that anyone on the internet has ever taken anything at first glance or out of context, but I just wanted to be sure it said what I wanted it to say. Which meant it wasn’t done on Sunday, when I normally write the ranty blog posts. Or on Tuesday, when I tend to load them up.

And now it’s Friday. My birthday has passed. The wisdom must wait until next year.


Next time I’d like to talk about… well, look, do I really need to talk about it? You know what it’s going to be about, right?

Until then, go write.

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