July 17, 2016 / 2 Comments

It’s my SDCC schedule!!

I just thought I’d put this here on the off chance anyone wanted it.  Also gives me a centralized location to send folks.
Wednesday night I’m going to be at Comikaze—LibertyStation. It’s a preview night fundraiser for the Kevin Workman Foundation, from 6-9:00PM with drinks, cosplay, and a few familiar folks hanging out. Jonathan Maberry will be there, too, along with V.E. Victoria Schwab, Jason M. Hough, Peter Orullian, Scott Sigler, Greg Van Eekhout, and posibly a few others. This is off-campus and open to everyone—no passes, no reservations, nothing.  Buy books there, bring books, get autographs, hang out, support a good cause.
Thursday I’m wandering the con. If you can find me, you may claim your three wishes.
Friday I think I’m going to do what I’ve done in years past.  I’m going to hang out at Geek & Sundry (aka Petco Park) and have lunch.  There may be other creative-type folks with me.  Please feel free to stop by and chat. I’ll probably be there… let’s say roughly noon-thirty to two.  Maybe a little earlier or later on either end.  Geek & Sundry is another off-campus event thing where you don’t need a ComicCon pass or anything like that to attend.  Just walk in. 
Saturday from noon to one I’m doing a signing at the Crown booth (1515) in Random House alley. They’ll have the paperback version of THE FOLD there, but Mysterious Galaxy (over in booth 1119) has told me they’ll have some other things of mine.  And you can bring anything else you like, of course.
Saturday evening at 6:00 I’m on a panel about worldbuilding and storytelling. That’s in room 23AB.

There may be another signing on Saturday, but I may not know until last minute.

Sunday I may be there for a bit, but there’s a chance I’ll head out early.  If the three wishes have not been claimed by this point, this’ll be your last chance.
Actually, one other thing… Would it bother anyone if I did something like this now and then?  The blog would still be 95% writing advice, but maybe once a month there’d be a post about something else. Still probably related to writing, but in a bit more of a fringe way.  A little bit if self promotion like this, but also some random thoughts on publishing, reviews, Amazon, and other stuff that will probably get me into trouble further down the line?

Let me know.

Hope to see you in San Diego!