November 16, 2012

The Mona Lisa

            Dear God, I’m running behind here.  So very sorry.  There was Halloween (which I got kind of drunk during) and an election (which I got kind of drunk during) and then an old friend was in town (you’re sensing the pattern, I’m sure)…

            Anyway, I don’t have much time, but I didn’t want to neglect the blog any longer.  Mostly because I’m sick of Thom mocking me in the comments.  So here’s a quick note from playwright, screenwriter, and Nicholl Fellowship recipient Arthur Jolly.  Arthur made a brilliant observation about the Mona Lisa a few months back, and–being a lazy bastard–I saved it for an occasion just like this…
            “If the Mona Lisa had a clumsy red brush stroke, a glob of scarlet somehow left unfixed on the side of her head, people seeing the painting would hardly notice that the rest of it is a masterpiece, they’d say ‘Why is that brushstroke there?’
            “When people read your script, that one line that’s wrong – they’ll notice it. Fix it.”
            Next week, even with Thanksgiving, I promise to tell the story of punching Rick Springfield and how it relates to world building.