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This Saturday…

            Hey, if you happen to live in the rough vicinity of Lubbock, Texas, I’m going to be there this weekend.  I’m doing a signing Saturday afternoon, and giving a little speech that night about writing and literacy to help promote… well, writing and literacy. 
            First, somewhere around 1:30 I’ll be at Barnes & Noble in the South Plains Mall.  They’re having a Star Wars day, so this is just going to be a little quiet, off-to-the-side thing.  I’ll probably be there for about an hour, so if you want to stop by, chat for a bit, and maybe get something signed… that’d be cool.
            Then that night I’ll be joining the folks from Literacy Lubbock for dinner, drinks, and a speech from me—
            —oh crap I need to write a speech—
            —a speech from me which’ll probably be me babbling away about cooking and supercomputers and old Seinfeld episodes.  Which will all circle back around to literacy in a very brilliant and impressive way.  It’s $35 a head, but it all goes to a good cause.  Plus you get to hang out afterwards and laugh about my rambling speech.
            So…  Lubbock.  Saturday.  Hope to see some of you there.

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Wish I would have seen this sooner. Love your books I have a few on Kindle but have almost all of them on Audible. The Fold is a huge favorite of mine I have listened to it many times. I'm hoping there is another book in the Threshold series were Mike and Jamie team up with the group from 14.

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