August 27, 2018

Dragon Con Schedule

              Hey, you know what’s happening this week?  I’ll give you a couple hints.  Atlanta.  Tons of fun.  Non-stop geekery!
            That’s right… 
            I’m flying in Thursday night and—starting Friday—I’ve got stuff every day.  Panels.  Signings.  Readings
Apocalyptic Throwdown: Aliens vs. Zombies
7:00 pm 
Chastain F-G in the Westin
            An in-depth, highly scientific debate regarding the survival of the fittest in various climates and scenarios.
            (it’ll be fun)
Fightin’ ‘n’ Writin’
10:00 pm 
Embassy CD in the Hyatt
            Me and a few other folks are going to talk about writing.  Specifically, about writing action scenes.  Hand to hand, tooth and claw, swordfights, gunfights– we’re going to share our thoughts and suggestions on all of them.
5:30 pm 
Vinings in the Hyatt
            This is just me and you as I read some older stuff you may not have heard and maybe some newer stuff you might find interesting…
            (green cockroaches may be involved)

Autograph Session:
11:30 am 
International Hall South 4-5 in the Marriott
            My official Dragon Con signing session.  Bring books, kindle covers, scraps of paper, t-shirts, plush animals, other people’s books, or whatever it is you might like me to sign.
Signing at the Missing Volume
5:00 pm
1201,1203,1300,1302 on the first floor of the Americasmart Building 2
            If you missed the last one, here’s another chance to get things scribbled in or on. Please keep in mind, though, this one’s being hosted by the Missing Volume, so the classy thing is to buy at least one of my books from them.
Keep on Rotting in the Free World
11:30 am 
Peachtree 1-2  in the Westin
            Some more discussion about zombies, specifically zombie books.  I’ve written a few of these.  I may talk about the brand new one I’ve got coming out…

            And there you have it! 
            Hopefully I’ll be seeing some of you there.

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