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I've actually been toying with that first one ("Ignoring the Moster"). I dreamed about a private eye story in which the protagonist, following someone on a routine adultery/divorce case, stumbles across a murder. The local homicide lieutenant detains him at the crime scene, only to warn him to "stay away from this case!", which he's happy to do because it's really not his area of expertise.

As he continues to ignore the murder and work on routine assignments (a lot of them really just paperwork), he receives a continuous series of warnings — at first menacing, later baffled and disjointed, finally forlorn — from the police, from shadowy crime figures, and from a mysterious leggy beauty, all warning him away from the murder in which he's utterly uninterested.

The warnings taper off into occasional drunken late-night texts (e.g., "STAY WAY FROM CASE YOU NO WHATS GOOD 4 U"). And that's about it.

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