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Instructional Promotional Offer

            So, I’m just finishing up my last polish of Ex-Isle, which means no real post this week. Sorry.
            However…  My publisher, Crown, just started a promotion for my new book, The Fold, (out in hardcover two months from today).  Pre-order the book now from your favorite local store (if you haven’t already), enter your info over at my other website, and you’ll get a free galley copy, one of the early, unedited trade paperbacks that was sent out to reviewers, some book stores, and so on.
            What does this mean for you, reader of the ranty blog?
            It means you’ve got a chance to see an earlier draft (the first layout, essentially) and the final novel side by side.  You can read the book, then go through the earlier version and find all the places my editor and I changed things. Every tweakand adjustment as we prepared the book to go to the printer.  And there are a lot of them, so it’s a worthwhile exercise. And all it costs you is… well, pre-ordering the book.
            And heads up—there are only about a hundred or so galley copies available for this, and I think over a dozen of them have been claimed since this promotion started yesterday.  Also, just because it needs to be said… you can’t “pre-order” the book once it comes out.  So there is a time issue involved here.
            Finally, for the record, I’m doing signings at Mysterious Galaxy in San Diego, Dark Delicacies in Los Angeles, and Borderlands Books in San Francisco.  So pre-order your book from them and then come back so I can scribble in it.
            And next week… back to our regularly scheduled ranting.
            Until then, as the Trickster would say, write, write, WRITE!

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I'm half way through "The Fold," and I gotta say, it is an excellent story. I started it last night, and plan to stay up tonight until I finish it. I'm hoping to interview Mr. Clines on my blog about the story.

I just pre-ordered the hard copy from amazon.com, so I hope there are still galley copies available! Any chance you'll get to visit any events near the southeast, Mr. Clines?

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