February 20, 2014


            I’m kind of on a roll right now with the new book, so—if you don’t mind—I’m just going to make a quick observation and get back to it.  Next week I’ll prattle on for far too long like I normally do.
            So… said with the golden rule firmly in mind
            Worrying if all the words are right in a first draft is a lot like worrying if I’m getting a band or a DJ for my wedding when I’m not dating anyone.  It just doesn’t matter at this stage.  If I keep obsessing over those later elements, I’m never going to take care of the earlier ones.
            Write a first draft.  Perfection will show up in the later ones.  Honest.
            Next time, we’re well into screenwriting contest season, so I thought I’d talk about the stories contest readers hate.
            Until then, go write.

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