February 11, 2014

Kaiju Rising

            Last year I was approached about writing a giant monster story for a Kickstarter project.  To be honest, I had a few reservations.  One was that I’ve always sucked at writing anything on demand.  Two is that I’d just watched another Kickstarter book… well, not implode…  It crumbled at an alarming rate, let’s say.
            But I did have most of a World War II-era giant monster novella I’d wanted to do something with.  And Nick, one of the guys behind Kaiju Rising assured me it was going to be done responsibly so that donors would feel like they were getting their money’s worth.
            And so… here’s the monstrous (seriously, it’s huge) Kaiju Rising with my short story “The Banner of the Bent Cross.”  The ebook’s out now, paperback soon to follow.

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