Check out the ingenious, irresistible new time-travel thriller PARADOX BOUND - now out in paperback! Plus the brilliantly twisty, turny supernatural mystery THE FOLD and the genre-busting EX-HEROES series.


Paradox Bound

“GET IN THE CAR, MR. TEAGUE. THE ROAD BECKONS.” The traveler sped through Eli Teague’s life long ago. With her tricorne hat, flintlock rifle, and steampunked Model-A Ford, she was a living anachronism, and an… More



...In The Trunk

A few weeks back (over on Twitter) I tossed out a general question to any writer who wanted to answer—“Do you have a trunk… More

Assorted Magical Spills

The comments section has been pretty dry lately, so I’ve gone digging through my list of “things to talk about,” trying to come up… More

Oooooooh, Shiny!

Story time! I first heard this story many years ago under a different title—the slutty new idea—and while the story/idea is very true, in… More

Good and Bad Conflict

Sorry I missed last week. Taxes. As I mentioned earlier.A few weeks back, during my usual Saturday geekery, I had a sudden epiphany about… More

One Last Look Back

Just a bit of random musing, not quite so writing related. Or maybe it is. Did my taxes last weekend. Well, I did the… More