Check out the ingenious, irresistible new time-travel thriller PARADOX BOUND - now out in paperback! Plus the brilliantly twisty, turny supernatural mystery THE FOLD and the genre-busting EX-HEROES series.


Paradox Bound

“GET IN THE CAR, MR. TEAGUE. THE ROAD BECKONS.” The traveler sped through Eli Teague’s life long ago. With her tricorne hat, flintlock rifle, and steampunked Model-A Ford, she was a living anachronism, and an… More




Yeah, still trying to catch up on real work after last week's massive two-parter about building a better B-movie.For now, have a Tom Gauld… More

Building A Better B-Movie

Just when I thought I was done with making movies, they dragged me back in...And by they, I mean me. I came up with… More

Don’t Say It

So, there’s something I was hoping we could avoid talking about this week... Subtext is one of those things that gets mentioned a lot.… More

Dating Profile

I (finally) wanted to step away from the usual process stuff we talk about here—structure, dialogue, characters, editing, and so on—to talk about another… More