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A Win-Lose Situation

Okay, believe it or not, I’m actually somewhat ahead on ranty blog posts right now. Three weeks ahead. But I want to put it… More

Let’s Go Crazy...

Quiet moment for Prince while you all sing the next line in your head. And... moving on. It being the Halloween season, I thought… More

Procrasti Nation

You remember the Procrasti from Deep Space Nine, right? They were that race from the Gamma Quadrant that was going to come through the… More

Amazon Review Policy, Pt III

Two months since I first started all this. The goal was simple—we’ve all heard anecdotal stories about reviews being deleted for a number of… More

Artsy Character Redux

I wanted to revisit a topic I discussed a while back. If you’ve been following the ranty blog for a while, this’ll probably seem… More